In the play, written by Elizabeth Meriwether, directed by Alex Timbers, "Ibsen is thwarted by August Strindberg and his kitchen slut throughout his fevered struggle to write the great feminist drama, Hedda Gabler, while a contemporary housewife in Michigan is abducted by robots and forced to perform Ibsen's masterpiece over and over again," according to notes from the original New York appearance of the play, created under the auspices of the avant garde troupe Les Freres Corbusier.

In 2009 the Motivational Environments Research Group collaborated with Arizona State University Theater Professor Jacob Pinholster and the Los Angeles based Center Theatre Group to develop the Heddatron production. This production used human-robot interaction to create a story.  During the development process, many sketches were created for the robot character designs.


Billy was designed with the thought of "the shiny, barrel-chested Golden Age sci-fi bot" in mind.

heddatron, billy, sketch


Hans, with a butler-like character was given "physical elegance and refinement well suited to his Lovborgian personality."  heddatron, hans, sketch

A series of rendered explorations was also generated.



Many exciting designs and human-robot interaction technologies were developed; however, due to the economy, the show was cancelled.


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