Human Computer Interaction and Museums

Off The Shelf HCI For Museums

In collaboration with the Exploratorium, Motivational Environment's goals for Human Computer Interaction in museums is to foster  museum professional’s capabilities to create and leverage “rich interfaces: mixed reality cyberlearning experiences that span formal and informal learning environments”, supporting the best practices and effective development of compelling exhibits, high quality visitor experiences and deep learning.

As the museum-going audience is accustomed to an increasing array of media experience in their home and everyday environments (e.g. HD TV, Wii Fit, iPhone, LEGO Mindstorms etc.), there is an increasing need for museums to raise the bar in terms of the mediated experiences they provide. 

Advances in human computer interaction (HCI) are starting to provide low-cost end-user deployable mixed reality environments that support informal STEM cyberlearning opportunities.

Empowering non-expert end users, e.g. museum professionals with moderate technical skills, through training and experience in the creation, deployment, and evaluation of visitor experiences with “rich interfaces” holds the potential to advance cyberlearning for much broader audiences than ever before. For museums, this approach meets a growing and unmet need to create a path toward realizing the self-actualizing capabilities and benefits advanced learning technologies can provide.