Barrett Honors Students

The Motivational Environments research group welcomes the opportunity to work with honors students through independent study, Honors Theses, FURI, and NASA Space Grant opportunities.  A recent alumni, Natalie Freed, is now at the MIT Media Lab working reinventing kindergarten with new forms of human robot interaction, here are some videos and links to her work: FURI and MIT.  

Motivational Environments provides honors students with significant opportunities and flexibility to collaborate in a cutting edge research environment with direct access to some of the nation's best researchers and equipment.  Please do not hesitate to email winslow.burleson@asu.edu .

Opportunities span across a wide range specialties, including: Art, Media, and Engineering, Bio-Medical, Chemical, Computer Science, Civil, Design, Environmental and Sustainable, Electrical, Industrial, Materials Science, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  All majors are welcome and programs and involvement can be tailored on a case-by-case basis, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


Graduate Students

The Motivational Environments research group is interested in hearing from exceptional individuals interested in pursuing their MS or Ph.D. in any of the transdisciplinary fields we work in. For more in-depth information on graduate school applications, please see the respective departmental home pages:

School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering  

Arts, Media + Engineering 

School of Earth and Space Exploration  

The Design School

The Educational Technology Program

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program


Affiliates and Collaborators

The Motivational Environments research group welcomes collaboration with educational institutions, industry, and foundations. Opportunities to become involved include financial donations and grants, hands-on volunteering in projects and research, networking and consulting, project management, governmental initiatives, etc. If you, your institution, business, or foundation is interested in partnering with the Motivational Environments research group, please contact us



Volunteering with the Motivational Environments research group is an exciting way to contribute to our projects and to immerse yourself in our areas of study including: fine and performing arts, human computer interaction, education and educational outreach, exploration, the psychology of motivation, etc. 

Please contact us.


Grand Challenges

"As we begin the 21st century, it is appropriate for the research community to consider theresearch challenges that exist on many fronts and to clarify our priorities. With the leadershipof the Computing Research Association, we have inaugurated a series of GrandResearch Challenges conferences to explore priorities for information technology research.This report documents the conclusions from the first conference." — Anita Jones, Chair of the Organizing Committee

Click here for report.