STREB & Pendaphonics

Pendaphonics is an interactive physical-digital-sonic environment and system that engages users in various forms of individual, collaborative, group and distributed interactions. This system was developed with colleagues at Aalborg University as a trans-disciplinary research endeavor that presents a strategy for the design and evaluation of low-cost, flexible, distributed and physically interactive sonic environments. Diverse implementations and extensions of the Pendaphonics system have now been installed, demonstrated and experienced by hundreds of people.

Through the use of the cyclic motion of a pendulum’s simple harmonic oscillation, Pendaphonics presents a repeated “invitational interface” encouraging users to interact with a 3-D physical-digital-sonic environment. On various occasions, Pendaphonics has been implemented as: a compositional and choreographic tool; an educational exhibit and classroom manipulative; and as an interface that facilitates playful interaction, exploration, discovery and creativity.


BUILD YOUR OWN PENDAPHONE:  Visit for instructions on how to build a pendaphone.


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"Movement is a radical form of physical existence."





MacArthur Award winning Choreographer Elizabeth Streb and Winslow Burleson discuss the use of Pendaphonics in STREB: BRAVE, performed at the Herberger Theater, Nov. 6-7, 2009.


Pendaphonics @ STREB on Vimeo.

Advanced doctoral candidate, Byron Lahey, discusses the use of Pendaphones at the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM) in the Catapult show, March 27-May 17, 2009.

 NIME 2009, Carnegie Mellon University on Vimeo

Distributed Pendaphonics @ Platform 4 on Vimeo.






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Lahey, B. and Burleson, W. "Translation + Pendaphonics = Movement Modulated Media" (2012)


In the News

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